Hounslow's Sherborne Taxis - Sherborne Dorset UK

Terms and Conditions of Carriage


"person" means anyone who travels on a Hounslow's Sherborne Taxi or child between the ages of 3 and under 16 years old.

"car" means car "coach" means coach or other means of transport provided by us, or any other carrier on which you were travelling.

"journey" means a journey you have booked.

"luggage" means any property, which you bring into a car or coach, including any property carried on your person, maximum weight per item 25 kg.

"service" means any journey to be made by us or on behalf for the purpose of carrying persons and their luggage, which is set published by us.

"payment" means on account by agreement, or onto your school termly account.

"we", HTS. means Hounslow Travel Services, part of Hounslow Private Hire of 12 St. Aldhelm's Road, Sherborne, Dorset. DT9 4EB.

"you" means the person who we agreed to carry or arranged to be carried, being the person who requested a booking.

Hounslow's Sherborne Taxis

It is our responsibility to carry you and your luggage on the journey you booked and will make reasonable efforts to carry you with minimum discomfort and inconvenience.

We will not carry animals, other than guide dogs accompanying registered blind persons, and hearing dogs accompanying deaf persons.

Timetable: Running times are only stated approximately and we will use reasonable endeavours to not disrupt your journey.

We reserve the right to increase our prices due increases in fuel costs.

Our right to cancel

We reserve the right to alter the timetable or suspend, cancel or withdraw the service and to substitute an alterative service.

If in the event of a breakdown of coach we will make arrangements to carry you to your destination on other suitable transport we supply.

We have no liability for circumstances beyond our control.

Passenger's responsibilities

To be ready to travel 15 minutes before departure time.

Seat belts are fitted. It is the passengers' responsibility to sit in a seat properly and wear a seat belt.

Cancellations that takes place within 24 hours of the departure / arrival time of the flight or transport. Will incur a charge of a full price payment by the person who made the booking of the seat/travel facility.

A person/child not arriving from a booking without making confirmation of new arrangements, will incur full transport/parking and waiting time.


Any items of luggage a passenger wishes to be transported must be discussed with HTS on the date of booking and we reserve the right to refuse if we consider it to be not of the right type.

Suitcases and rucksacks should not be weigh more than 25kg per item otherwise the passenger will be responsible to lift it in and out of the luggage department of the coach or trailer.

It is the responsibility of the person giving the information to HTS to ensure that all information is correct, the child/person is on the stated coach, minibus or car.

If you cannot travel due to an emergency please inform HTS immediately to avoid causing unnecessary inconvenience to other passengers which may involve you in being charged.

To behave in a reasonable and lawful manner and comply with any requests made by HTS staff, students who do not comply will be reported to parents and school.

Only to bring cold food and drink onto the journey and the drinks are non-alcoholic and all reasonable care is taken to be clean and take all rubbish with you when you leave the coach.

Any lost property must be reported immediately to HTS office 01935 814750.

It is your responsibility to take care and have insurance cover on your valuables and be responsible for such items as money, air tickets, passport, visa, identification documents, laptops, and all personal electric devices.